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The Manipur Tribal Development Corporation (MTDC) has been established in the year 1979 and was registered under section 25 0f the Companies Act, 1956 on 21st June, 1979, bearing Registration No. 1776 of 1979-80 dated 21/06/1979. It aims at, in a nutshell of a comprehensive and conclusive development of the tribal peoples in the state. The Corporation is an autonomous body administered by the State Government through its Tribal Affairs & Hills Department. Fully aware of the need for systematic development of the tribal peoples, the number being the highest among the north-eastern states, the Manipur Government have not earmarking funds for the Corporation. However, with its limited resources, the state Government could not avoid various constrains in its all-out effort towards better development initiatives earmarked for the tribal peoples in the state.


To Carry on the business and also to develop, aid, assist finance to protect, promote and take up the welfare of the Scheduled Tribes, Scheduled Castes population in the state in respect of housing marketing agriculture trade, education, social economic, fishery, animal husbandry, medical, co-operation, Irrigation, Art & Culture buildings, roads, water supply, forest, dairy farming, area development etc. whether owned or conducted by the government, Statutory Body, Company, Firm or Individuals and to provide them with capital, credit moving resources and assist for the conduct of their work and business to enable them to develop and improve their methods of manufacture, management and their technique of production, educationally. To take up constructions of roads, buildings, bridge and repairs of these and develop and own any agricultural farm or unit or any activity for demonstration or training or for commercial or industrial purposes.

To enter into contract with and take up indent from the govt. of india and the state Government in all their departments and Corporation and other subsidiaries and branches and from any agency or officer hereof, having the necessary powers for fabrication, manufacture, assembly and suppy of goods, materials and equipment to every description and to arrange for the performance of such contracts and indent by sub-contract or place order in respect thereof with the fabrication, manufacturer, assembly for supply materials, articles or part thereof, or services or processing in connection therewith or such managerial services as may be necessary for such contracts and indent, and to have the goods materials, articles and equipment fabricated, manufactured, assembled and supplied.

To plan, formulate and execute projects and manage and administer such projects including establishment of processing or manufacturing facilities, which in the opinion of the company are essential for the furtherance of the objects of the company, or beneficial to interest of the company.

To take over the Govt. of Manipur any of its projects similar to the objects of the company.

Present Activities

The Corporation is functioning as the work agency of the State Govt. and is executing Civil Construction works of various departments.

The Corporation is functioning as the work agency of the State Govt. and is executing Civil Construction works of various departments.

The Corporation is also functioning as the State Channelizing Agency for implementation of Schemes of the National Level Corporation viz:

  • National Scheduled Tribes Finance and Development Corporation (NSTFDC).
  • Nation Scheduled Castes Finance and Development Corporation (NSCFDC).
  • amcharis Finance & Development Corporation (NSKFDC).

Certificates & MISC.

Board of directors

# Name Designation
1 - Chairman
2 Pr Secy/Commissioner/Secy(Finance) Govt. of Manipur or his representative Director
3 Pr Secy/Commissioner/Secy(Plg.) Govt. of Manipur or his representative Director
4 Pr Secy/Commissioner/Secy(TA & H.) Govt. of Manipur or his representative. Director
5 Director of Commerce & Industries Manipur or his representative. Director
6 Director of Agriculture Manipur or his representative. Director
7 Director (TA & H.) Manipur Director
8 Director Minorities & OBC, Manipur Director